Our core philosophy is simple:

We connect premium service providers with visually narrative digital advertisements that build our clients brand and connect them with their targeted demographic , with an emphasis on generating leads and conversions and ultimately saving our clients time and maximizing their ROI.  "Let’s connect the dots together." 

 " YOUR SUCCESS is our success. ”

We curate some of the best talent from various disciplines including:

SEO engineers, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Photography and Videography to help elevate your brand to the next level.

Bringing the best of what you have to offer to the world
and bringing them to life.


We also include professional and personalized full-service photography, videography and music production for all of your brand’s marketing needs. Let us capture your ‘you,’ in a style that you can be proud of.

social media

Let's face it: social media content creation is a big task. We’ll take care of all the planning and strategy that will get you noticed, so you can focus your efforts ON your business so you don't have to micromanage IN your business. That’s our #1 goal!

SEO analysis

Our team performs search engine optimizations to rank your site closer to the top of Google, which in turn will increase targeted traffic to your site. On top of that, we’ll create targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing and Facebook Advertising campaigns optimized to increase your brand’s goals.


Virtual Reality

We offer end-to-end production for your next VR project whether it will be used as a presentation tool at your next tradeshow or as the highlight of your next marketing campaign. Case studies show that having a VR experience for your brand will significantly increase your presence at any event. We create the story behind the experience.


aerial photo & video

The use of drones to promote and advertise your brand is becoming more common everyday with capturing stunning images and video segments and give your audience a view they otherwise would never be able to experience.

Limovation Marketing is a comprehensive marketing service that prides itself on setting and reaching goals that positively transform you, your team and your business. 

Our core philosophy is not just a band-aid approach, or a “one-size-fits-all” system. We take a unique approach to marketing by using visual and emotional storytelling that creates the compelling narrative that prospective clients want to see. The problem with your business isn't your business -- it's simply how prospectors receive your message. 

Whether you’re looking to increase your business leads and conversions, or to improve your quality of life by removing the constant commitment of working tirelessly on marketing, we are the solution. You might not be aware of it, but, time is your most valuable asset, and we’re willing to bet that you often feel like you have no control over it, right? Limovation gives you your time back so you can focus on the important things like growing your business, reaching new customers, and even spending more time with family and friends. 

As a corporation, professional or entrepreneur, being busy is a good thing! However, being busy but free to scale your business with a constant flow of leads lining up at your door is something vastly different. Our goal is to get you to stop working in your business.

We often mistake being busy, with being productive, which is like working on what’s in front of us, instead of planning for what's to come. In order to truly scale your business you need to be working on it rather than in it. 

A brand’s marketing strategy is an incredibly crucial part of success and scalability. Without a proper marketing plan in place, you have no way to funnel your leads. Without leads, there is no way to convert sales and in turn: no business growth! 

Sadly, we often meet new clients who have had parts of their marketing done in one place, some done elsewhere, and some done by themselves. This almost always results in a disconnected, inconsistent brand image and marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this creates a confused audience with no real resounding or lasting residual effect in a digital world that is constantly inundated with information. 

If your brand doesn’t create an emotional connection to its audience, there is no reason for anyone to remember who you are and purchase what you’re selling. If you don't invest in a service that promotes your business effectively, you'll never see the returns you deserve! 

Let's connect the dots together.